The main advantage of the oil decolorization equipment

One of the main components of the oil decolorization equipment as a waste tire pyrolysis plant, its main advantage is what?
Additives used in the oil decolorization equipment, making the production of oil decoloration and deodorization process, with a simple, low cost, easy to get raw materials, the operation is easy to grasp, less investment in equipment, good economic advantages.
Moreover, after the oil additives oil decolorization equipment treatment, the appearance of clear and transparent, was beige or near water white, no odor, and can remain stable over a few months does not change color, at the same time, a variety of physical and chemical properties of raw materials compared has further improved.
More importantly, the oil after oil decolorization equipment processing loss less the same time, the cost of the additive per ton of oil required is also low, and, after the quality improvement of the oil per ton to have a high value-added, so with good economic and social benefits.

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